Social media has become the best way to contact with our friend and relatives. Social media also helps us to reconnect with our lost friends. Facebook is the most popular social network. People all over the world have Facebook accounts.
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It’s rare to see people without Facebook accounts. Facebook is a place for building up relationships; it’s a place for entertainment and business; it’s a place for sharing our knowledge and suggestions. There are many advantages from Facebook. But every coin has two sides. Facebook has its disadvantages too. It can be a place that has the potential for your computer to fall into grave danger.

Have you heard about “Koobface Facebook virus” alias “Facebook virus”? It spreads through your Facebook messages. The messages are disguised to look like they are from your Facebook friends. It contains a link which urges you to click on it. The messages may contain links like the following examples “Paris Hilton Tosses Dwarf on the Street”, “You must see it!!! LOL”, “Is it really celebrity?”, “Examiners Caught Downloading Grades from the Internet”, “My friend caught you on hidden cam” and etc.

When you click on the link it leads you to a video site which looks somewhat similar to Youtube. It will request you to install a plugin in order to watch the video. Well let’s imagine if you fall for the trap, then you are installing Koobface Facebook virus to your computer. Immediately this Facebook virus will send messages to your friends which will look similar to the scam message which you received.

It retrieves your friends contact list from the cookies in your computer. Criminal isn’t it? Well if we know crimes exist then what are we doing without fighting against it? First pre-caution is never click links from unknown users. If you get messages with video links from your friends confirm it and then view the video. Like other viruses this Facebook virus doesn’t seem to have a liking for financial information. But sources say that these cyber criminals are developing the features of this Facebook virus to make it more dangerous. So be prepared!

We remove the Koobface Facebook virus from your computer. We are Microsoft Gold Certified professionals and we adhere to Microsoft’s most stringent standards. We show our professionalism not by words but by our deeds. You will experience an outstanding service which will be far beyond your expectations. Dial 1-800-279-3120 to contact us anytime and anywhere around the clock. Yours calls will be answered in less than a minute.

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