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Evolution of Firefox browser has passed many dark ages. But now Firefox has improvised its features according to the feedbacks it has gathered from its users. Web browsers are applications which connect us to the web. They should provide a pleasant experience to the user while browsing. It shouldn't make browsing more complicated for the users. Firefox team has taken this to mind and created Firefox 4."

Earlier versions of Firefox have lacked many features. But Firefox 4 is a significant package, full of special browsing features which will make the web users feel the ease of browsing. Firefox's market share has beaten the market share of Internet Explorer 9 within five days of its release. Anyhow Microsoft has its own reasons for this difference.

Now let’s focus on the newly added features of Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 is faster and its performance is higher than its earlier versions. The time taken to load a page has been reduced. You also can feel the fast graphic rendering. To make it even better Firefox 4 supports HTML 5, CSS3, WebM format and JavaScript. These web techniques will make browsing easier in future. Firefox4 also rates the legitimacy status of the site which you will be able to notice near the browsing bar.

"Sync" is a newly added feature in Firefox 4. It lets you to synchronize the bookmarks, history, tabs, form-fill data and passwords across mobile devices (The web browser in the particular device must be Firefox). Mozilla's official page also gives the option to download the "Sync add-on" for Firefox's older versions such as 3.5 and 3.6.

Sync, makes your browsing easy. You can access the browser in your desktop with your mobile device. You will be able to view the tabs that you left open on the browser which you left on the desktop. Sync, uses end-to-end encryption to secure your data while data transmission. Sharing your information securely among devices is a feature which we could rate with five stars.

"Panaroma" view is another newly added feature. It lets you to organize and manage your tabs. It lets you to do multitasking. You can drag, drop and arrange your tabs into groups and avoid the mess. Firefox won't restrict you while you group your tabs. The prioritization is yours. Though this feature is available in several other applications it pretty much seems to suit the web browser.

The new "App tab" feature seems to be the favorite of many users. It lets you to keep the sites which you regularly visit to be permanently in the browser. The app tabs will be accessible to you at any time.

There are some other new features too. The tabs have been moved to the top of the browser. It lets you to concentrate on what you are browsing. Mozilla calls its browsing bar "aka the Awesome Bar" which has the autocomplete function. It offers you choices according to your browsing history and bookmarks. This awesome bar adapts itself to your preferences and makes the browsing experience easier for you.

Firefox 4 indicates that the Mozilla team is working hard to achieve their mission. Yes, browsing has been made easy for everyone. Firefox 4 indeed gives an enjoyable browsing experience. Let’s wait and watch if browsing could be made even better in future by Mozilla team.

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